The controller NPBC-V3C works with NPBC-V3M Executive module and NRC-6 – new, elegant and smart Control module with 2.4'' TFT color display.

With its 32 bit CPU and completely new software, this controller is better in many aspects than any previous models.


Here are some of its advantages:

  • Clearer and intuitive control interface with modern design of the menus.

    factory settings

  • The Control module can be equipped with a WiFi module NRM-W3 for connection with the Naturela remote monitoring and control system through the web

  • 4 preset fuel profiles make switching between different fuels easier than ever

    switch mode

  • Additional messages warn about incorrect parameter input or if parameters from a different menu require corrections after the current changes.

  • Statistical information about the fuel consumption divided by hour and based on a calibrating constant parameter for the fuel auger capacity.

    pellet consump

  • A list with short description, date and time of the occurred errors and any other event concerning the controller's work.

    diagnostics 2

  • More parameters about the burner's work and current state displayed on the main screen at the same time

  • A micro USB coupling on the face panel of the Control module for connection with a computer with software for direct control and monitoring.


Mechanisms and sensors connected to NPBC-V3C-1

  • Electric feed screw motor to transfer the fuel from the bunker to the burner (power up to 180W)

  • Electric internal auger motor to forward the fuel to the burning chamber (power up to 180W)

  • Main fan with smooth speed control to regulate the air flow to the burning chamber (power up to 180W)

  • Additional cleaning fan (power up to 900W)

  • Exhaust gases fan with smooth speed control (power up to 180W)

  • Heating element to fire the pellets (power up to 800W)

  • Hot water heater circulation pump (power up to 180W)

  • Central heating installation circulation pump (до 180W)

  • Photo sensor to detect the burning fire

  • Temperature sensor or thermostat to control the back burning

  • Temperature sensor to control the temperature of the water in the boiler

  • Temperature sensor for the temperature of the hot water heater

  • High temperature sensor pt100 for the temperature of the exhaust gases (Optional)

  • A potential free socket of a room thermostat for better control of the burning process according to the room temperature.

  • A potential free socket for an external stop switch

  • Micro USB interface for connection with a computer


And more:

  • All parameters important for the burning process control can be adjusted which makes NPBC-V3C adaptable to almost any pellet burner or boiler
  • Increased carrying capacity of the outputs up to 16A
  • An optional analog output (0-10 V) can control a frequency inverter for powerful three-phase fan.
  • The universal power supply allows the controller to be used both in 110V/60Hz and in 220V/50Hz grids.


Pellet Burner Controller NPBC-V3C-1 - User Manual

Controller for Pellet Stove with Water Jacket NPBC-V3C-2 - User Manual

NPBC-V3C - Technical Information

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